Bogawantalawa 400 gm  loose tea

Bogawantalawa 400 gm loose tea

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Liquid Gold from Legendary Bogawantalawa Valley
A rich and full-bodied tea sourced from our finest plantations situated in the highlands above 5000ft. elevation in the legendary Golden Valley of Ceylon Tea comes to you in this pack to suit your taste and convenience.

Bogawantalawa Legend contains finest black tea still hand-picked from our own estates started as back as 1869, processed in our own factories certified for food safety management systems with ISO 22000 and HACCP principles with the same care, unblended to ensure absolute purity and consistency. The cup you drink today, tomorrow, day after or the next year will have the identical taste, aroma, and bouquet of high-quality tea of legendary Bogawantalawa Valley. Take a moment to discover this rewarding taste